Communications Specialist at BHIVE Workspace, Bengaluru

Job brief

Communications Specialist

The Communications Specialist role at BHIVE Group is instrumental in reinforcing brand consistency, enhancing internal cohesion, and elevating external brand perception. By ensuring unified messaging across all platforms, this position supports strategic content creation, crisis management, and market positioning, thereby fostering cross-departmental collaboration and driving business growth. Additionally, the role is crucial in analyzing communication effectiveness and integrating stakeholder feedback, which enhances customer engagement and loyalty.

The Communications Specialist role at BHIVE has a pivotal indirect impact on revenue through enhancing brand loyalty, optimizing marketing efficiency, boosting customer engagement and retention, and supporting sales strategies. By maintaining consistent branding and effectively managing crises, this role safeguards the company’s reputation, thereby protecting and potentially increasing revenue streams. Additionally, through data-driven insights and strategic external communications, the position aids in market expansion and product promotion, further contributing to revenue growth.

What you’ll do (Key deliverables)

1. Develop and implement communication strategies that align with the company’s objectives and brand identity.

2. Create, edit, and manage the production of digital and print content including newsletters, press releases, annual reports, presentations, and brochures.

3. Coordinate with various departments to gather information and craft clear, compelling messages for internal and external audiences.

4. Ensure consistency in the company’s messaging across all platforms and materials.

5. Manage the company’s presence on social media, including content creation, post scheduling, and engagement analytics.

6. Assist in organizing and coordinating public events, press conferences, and media interactions.

7. Monitor and report on the effectiveness of communication strategies and materials.

8. Stay updated on industry trends and make recommendations for adjustments to communication strategies and practices.

Minimum qualifications/ Experience:

  • Educational Background: MBA in marketing & finance / master’s degree in journalism.
  • Experience: 3+ years of experience in proven track record in Marketing Communications, or a related field.
  • Industry Knowledge: Real Estate Background is a must
  • Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changes in the job market, industry trends, and organizational needs.
Experience: 3+
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