12-week Public Policy Programme for PR & Comms professionals

Dear PR and Comms Professions,

Exciting news! We have partnered with Takshashila Institution to offer an exclusive opportunity for PR & Comms professionals for upskilling through its 12-week GCPP Programme

Whether you are planning to upksill yourself or tranistion to public policy roles, this course is the right opportunity. What’s more, we’re offering a 20% scholarship to make this opportunity even more accessible to you!

The 12-week GCPP program is designed to deepen your understanding of economic and governance systems. Seamlessly designed for full-time professionals, the GCPP program includes weekly webinars and interactive virtual workshops, ensuring a flexible learning experience that fits into your busy schedule.

Over 12 weeks, you’ll cover essential topics including Policy Analysis and Concepts, Economic Reasoning for Public Policy, and Effective Communication and Media Engagement. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current skills or transition to public policy roles, this course is the perfect opportunity.

If you are interested in applying to this certification program, fill this form.

Fee Structure :

  • The programme fee for individuals is ₹38,940.00 (incl 18% GST)
  • Effective fee after 20% exclusive Scholarship ₹ 31,152.00 (incl 18% GST)
  • Above fee is applicable only for admissions before 6th of April, 2024